Monday, June 13, 2011

little gems from professor swensen

while studying for my modern art final, i keep coming across the funniest little quotes from my professor.  here are a few of my favorite:

[while discussing duchamp's fountain] "why do we always come back to this... plumbing!?"

"who wants to listen to marie osmond perform this?"

"if [an art work] creates a big stink, buy it, folks."

"just talking about pavlov [as in pavlov's dog], how many of you are getting a good build up of saliva? i am, and i wonder what that says about my psychology."

[after saying he's not going to let us out early] "i can see you're all pained, and that's the perfect time to turn the knife."

while discussing nazi art, he called me liesel.

"there's no sexier way to start off class than to talk about fascism."

"there's nothing more mexican than [a really long name.]"

"not a bad day dumpster diving."

"but cows don't have rows of teets, megan."

"he didn't die of a tragic, sad way.  he died of cancer... wait..."

yeah, that's good ol' art history for ya.