Monday, March 30, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action! Part Deux

Another sleepless night*, another film watched.

The first film I watched was Drop Dead Gorgeous. This hilarious 1999 mockumentary is set in Minnesota and boasts actresses like Amy Adams, Kristie Allen, Brittany Murphy and Kristen Dunst. The mother from Juno was in it as well. I think she's either Minnesotan, or is really good a portraying one. The characters, the scenes, the dialog, was hilarious, on purpose or not. I was laughing too hard to take the film seriously. I loved it!

The other film I recently watched was in the theaters and that was The Young Victoria. I really enjoyed this film. The sets, the costumes, the acting, the dancing, the cinematography, all of it was superb! Emily Blunt is one of the most talented actresses I've seen. She was so spunky and so intriguing that I fell in love with her. I know the story is romanticised, but I didn't mind one bit!

*Jet-lag induced insomnia as a result of my trip to Provo last week

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

I just saw two movies. One was incredibly powerful, and the other was incredibly humorous. Both had magnificent soundtracks.

The Express is the true story of running back Ernie Davis, who is black during the 1940s and 1950s. He faces racial discrimination on every turn, but still holds strong. It is filled with powerful quotes and an amazing performance by Dennis Quiad. I was instantly hooked. Really.

If you liked Remember the Titans, you will like The Express.

I've been meaning to see O, Brother Where Art Thou? for years, ever since I heard the soundtrack. Although, it's not necessarily powerful, the dialog, acting, and situations are incredibly well done. I am in a really big blue grass/ folk music phase right now, so the film did not disappoint.

It's roughly based on Homer's Odyssey, and by "roughly" I mean it's the story of a guy named Ulysses and he's an adventurer. There's a trek home with sirens, a cyclops, and a pig. There's a fight for a woman, and a happy ending.

You may be asking yourself: Why is she up at three in the morning blogging about movies? The answer is simple: I hate jet-lag.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Magic Eye Music Video

Remember those Magic Eye books? The ones that you'd stare at and and end up seeing objects like dinosaurs in them? Have you ever wondered what a magic eye video would look like? I'm pretty sure that the "Evident Utensil" video by Chairlift is this magic eye video. It's even complete with 90s hair and puffy sleeve dress.

Make sure you watch in HD.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Cutest Star Wars Fans, EVER!

The Funniest thing, ever. Watch the original, then if you're confused, watch the explanation.

The Explanation:

I ADORE this little girl!

Don't forget to vote in the poll for your favorite youtube child star. Candidates: Star Wars Girl, Beatles Boy, and Charlie's older brother.

The Cutest Beatles Fan, EVER

You've probably already seen this, but I can't help LOVING it!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Not So Secret Crush

I have a HUGE crush on Rainn Wilson! I adore him! Yes, as Dwight he is creepy and kinda annoying, but as Rainn.... he's heaven itself! Think I'm crazy?

Here's my evidence:

1. Just look at him! He looks like he should be an Indie album producer and should be living in Portland, drinking free trade, organic, herbal tea., while recycling. Also, I love the glasses. Basically, I'm diggin' the whole Indie, "I am what I am" vibe. He's totally confident and it shows!

Summary: I love his style and his aura.

2. He can play the guitar. I don't know how good he is, but there he is, with a great looking guitar- a amazing, bright red guitar strap. I'm a sucker for anything red and musical. Also, he played a musician in The Rocker.

Summary: He appears to be musically talented.

Still not convinced?

3. Check this video out. His sense of humor puts me in stitches!

Still not convinced?

Check out these photos:

Only down side: he's got a wife.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Flying High

I just LOVE Flight of the Concords. Check 'em out. They're great! The music is by far the best part of the show, so if you don't want to watch the show, at least youtube some of their songs!