Tuesday, March 30, 2010

rainy day thoughts

1.  if you need a rainy day playlist, check out mine. (why did it take me so long to learn about jeremy messermith? if i had learned about him back in MN, than i could've gone to his concerts.  ah, life!)

2. it's BACK.  yes, radiant readers, the crazy tyra is back and hosting a brand new cycle of ANTM!  yes.  i love this show.  it's a guilty pleasure of mine.  a REALLY guilty pleasure.  but i just love it. 
last cycle was probably my favorite, but just because my favorite girl FINALLY won. * spoiler alert*  yes, nicole fox won.  isn't she stunning (pic to the right)?  well, this cycle is getting a little boring. i don't really know if i really like any of the girls... tyra is just as crazy as ever, though.  somethings never change, and i take comfort in that.  still, i hope these girls step it up.  honestly.  oh, and i am so over the drama!  last cycle there was very little drama, but this cycle, holy cow!  they just let it all go.

3.  i like the sound of rain on my windows.  it's very peaceful.

well, that's all for now.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

no. 2


kathy's song
"And from the shelter of my mind
Through the window of my eyes
I gaze beyond the rain-drenched streets
To England where my heart lies

My mind's distracted and diffused
My thoughts are many miles away
They lie with you when you're alseep
And kiss you when you start your day"

photo by me. full lyrics here. music video here.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


some days i just feel like i'm stuck.  today, i feel like that.  i don't like this feeling.  it's uncomfortable.  perhaps time is being weird.  it's being too slow but at the same time too fast.  i'm not in control... and i hate that feeling.  not like i'm a control freak.  i just like controlling myself... and i can't do that right now.  maybe all i need is a good night's sleep.

photo via flickr

Friday, March 26, 2010

scar. jo.

has anyone noticed that scarlett johansson has a pretty good voice?  she does.  right now i'm listening to this.  not too shabby.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

no. 1

every few days, i'm going to post a simon and garfunkel song- just because i want to.  i will include the music video (or a link to it) as well a link to the lyrics.

to start this off:
i adore simon and garfunkel.  they have such wonderful lyrics and such calming tunes.  if you want to get a gift for a good friends, get (or make) them a compilation of simon and garfunkel. like this song: Old Friends.

"Can you imagine us years from today,
Sharing a parkbench quietly
How terribly strange to be seventy"
full lyrics here

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


bored? want to solve world hunger?  want to improve your knowledge of vocabulary, art, a language, etc?  then maybe you should head on over to free rice.  it's a really amusing website that will donate rice while you play games.  it's really simple.  just go check it out.  also, look here for FAQs to find out what you're doing... it's really fun.  so far, i donated 4030 4100 grains of rice, just by looking at paintings and choosing the correct artist.  i learn and save people! win win!

seriously.  check it out.

Monday, March 22, 2010

love song

 image via once wed

sweetest love song .simone white 
"you are the sweetest love song
in the world
and i might not remember every word
but you're the best melody i ever heard
going 'round and 'round and 'round in my head
i wish i had you in my arms"

.full lyrics

Sunday, March 21, 2010

film weekend

some weekends i just watch films.  sorry.  that's just who i am.

friday night, i went out to dinner and saw "bounty hunter" with a couple of friends.  i did not like this film, not even for a chick-flick (and i have lack standards on that).  the film was altogether unbelievable- the characters, the plot lines, the timeline... everything. boo.  also, jennifer a looked SO old.  it wasn't very appealing.

saturday night i rented two films from iTunes.  the first was "two for the road" with audrey hepburn and arnold finney.  i've never seen this film before, and i'm on a quest to see ALL of audrey's films.  i can't say that i liked it, but i didn't not like it.  i was just "emph" about it.  the ending was a little ambiguious and the timeline was a little confusing.  but the wardrobe was awesome.  go 60s!


and then, i watched "all the days before tomorrow."  i actually really liked this one.  at first, i was really confused, because they leave interpretation up to you as far as the ending goes.  but it was good.  it was kinda slow, but i didn't mind.  and it had these hilarious little "dreams" for the main character to discover little bits about himself.  i couldn't find a clip of the one that i wanted, but i found a compilation of clips, including a couple that i love.

[if you are at all interested in the films i've mentioned, check out the recent films column on the right and click on the title to watch a trailer... cool, huh?]

Thursday, March 18, 2010

love song

image via once wed

gotta have you .the weepies
"No amount of coffee, no amount of crying
No amount of whiskey, no amount of wine
No, nothing else will do
I've gotta have you, I've gotta have you."

full lyrics

how i spend my nights

so, last night, i couldn't sleep.  you know what i did instead? i watched "you've got mail."  i know this movie gets a lot of crap for being really cheesy, but i actually like it... like a lot.  tom hanks is adorable.  and i think the plot is great... i like a story where the guy fights and changes for a girl.  girls do a lot of work...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

bibliochic update

my apologies readers.  the correct link to the bibliochic blog is found here.



say what? i said bibliochic.  do you like books?  do you like old books?  do you like recycling?  do you like gorgeous handmade items? then, you need to check out this bibliochic etsy store.  you know my sister katherine?  well, she and her really good friend/ nearly sister started this etsy store and they have some beautiful things! check these items out:

and so much more- they even does custom work- like if you want a certain book, ect.   oh, did i mention that it's all HANDMADE.  pretty cool.  make sure you check it out and tell your friends.  they also have a blog for the store.  check it out here.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

love song

 image via once wed

give yourself to love .kate wolf
"I've walked these mountains in the rain and learned to love the wind;
I've been up before the sunrise to watch the day begin.
I always knew I'd find you, though I never did know how;
Like sunshine on a cloudy day, you stand before me now.

So You must give yourself to love if love is what you're after;
Open up your hearts to the tears and laughter,
And give yourself to love, give yourself to love."
full lyrics 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

3-D = my archnemisis

let me tell you a little bit about my day yesterday:

i went to the steinway & sons factory in london.  man, i love those pianos. -note to future husband: buy me a steinway- i played on three historic pianos.  the first was the original steinway.  the no. 1.  or at least an exact replica of one.  i couldn't find any pictures of it online and i was an idiot not to take my own piano.  but i got a t-shirt that says i played it! then i played the famous red or ferrari piano.  the last that i played was my favorite.  it was wagner's piano.  yes, as in THE wagner.  litz also played a little on this baby.  man, that was a good piano.  the soft pedal was so perfect.  and the keys... oooh.  anyways.  there you go.

then, that evening my family went out to westfield mall to see ALICE IN WONDERLAND in 3-D.  we accidentally bought tickets to see it in their "vip" theater.  think private bar, lounge, and reclining leather seats.  yeah, it was pretty comfortable.  still, i hate 3-D.  EVERYTHING was in 3-D: the previews, the ads, the film.  and sometimes they just used it to use it.  after about ten minutes, i already felt ill... vertigo perhaps.  anyways.  i enjoyed the film, just not the 3-D-ness.  then, when we went home, we went by bus.  yeah, and we sat in the back.  anyone who's ever gone my british bus before understands that that plus my existing nasuea would be a disater.  and it was. 

don't worry.  i'm alive and feeling much better.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the brothers bloom

i just saw this film with a star studded cast.  it was everything i want in a movie: witty, clever, atheistically pleasing, a little bit retro, and romantic.  this is a film you don't want to miss.  besides, bang-bang is hilarious!

just check out these stills:
seriously, watch this film. now.

love song

image via once wed

 i'm happy just to dance with you .the beatles
"I don't need to hug or hold you tight
I just want to dance with you all night
In this world there's nothing I would rather do
'cause I'm happy just to dance with you."

full lyrics

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the measure of a day

two new pairs of trousers + two new pairs of shirts + a great cardigan = a pretty well spent day.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Go, Us!

Yay for WOMEN!!!

to celebrate INTERNATIONAL WOMEN's DAY i posted on my other blog ways that men and women can put an end to sexism.  we've got the power.  let's use it!

here's a list of my personal female idols.  these women have spent their lives fighting for a better world.  they amaze me:
.joan of arc
.artemisia gentileschi
.mary cassat
.mother theresa
.audrey hepburn
.amelia earheart
.jakie kennedy
.harriet tubman
.inez milholland
.barbara walters
.my mother, my sisters and my grandmothers

Sunday, March 7, 2010

dreaming of amsterdam

i am seriously fighting an urge to jump on the eurostar train and go to amsterdam.  man, i loved it there.  i think i liked it more than paris...




IMG_1244 copy




Saturday, March 6, 2010

love song

image via once wed

perfect day .lou reed
"Oh it's such a perfect day,
I'm glad I spent it with you.
Oh such a perfect day,
You just keep me hanging on,
You just keep me hanging on."

full lyrics  

Thursday, March 4, 2010

art + music = genius

i just saw this music video and i can nearly name every art work used.  the music is pretty good, too.


70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L'Ogre on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

yummy, TOAST home catalogue


such beautiful images, all from TOAST .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

love song

image via once wed

wedding song .bob dylan
"The tune that is yours and mine to play upon this earth
We'll play it out the best we know, whatever it is worth
What's lost is lost, we can't regain what went down in the flood
But happiness to me is you and I love you more than blood."

full lyrics

It's finally MARCH!

i actually like march.  in my perfect world, the months would look like this:
january: dreary winter
februrary: just done away with and the days spread out among the other months
march: transition from winter to spring
april: early spring
may: full spring
june: transition from spring to summer
july: summer
august: late summer; begin transition to autumn
september: early autumn
october: autumn
november: transition from autumn to winter
december: winter

so, based off of that.  march is the beginning of spring time, and boy, do i love it!

Monday, March 1, 2010

nigh-night land

that's what my bedroom is.  at least that's what i tell my puppies when i direct them to my room.

this april i leave london for the less exciting provo.  i am way excited though, weird huh?  i just can't wait to play with all my old buds from the states.

anyways, in preparation, i've been looking at bed linens, towels, home decor, etc.  i just want to be prepared.

i like these pillowcases. i'm a sucker for love
i like this quilt and this quilt and this quilt
i like this duvet cover
i like this shower curtain
i like these mugs and these mugs and this mug and this mug and these mugs
i like this print and this print and this print and this print and this print
i like these wire baskets
i like this andy warhol and this warhol and this warhol and this warhol and this warhol
i like these sheets
i like this bath towel and this bath towel
i like this silverware
i like these glasses and these glasses
i like this small bowl and this large plate
i like this dish towel and this dish towel

but i can only afford the mugs and the dish towels... so this is more of a dream list. sad day.