Sunday, November 28, 2010

blogging from 10,000 ft

here i am, flying over the US, blogging, looking at Zara's online collection, and trying to watch millionaire matchmaker- all thanks to google's internet partnership with delta.

here a a few pieces from zara's that i love, but don't think i can pull off:

here are a few item that i am loving from their kid's collection:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

dc: day 4

final day:
- 6. something run (i misjudged the distance, and ended up running a little more than a mile over what i was supposed to)
- 4-D ultra sound with laura and peter (i love babies!)
- grocery shopping at trader joes and whole foods (aka stocking up on joe-joes)
- making marshmellows and hot chocolate on sticks
- watching millionaire matchmaker (yes!)
- dinner at open kitchen (yummy lamb burger!)
- monopoly (again, i might've become addicted)
- drinking our hot chocolate with marshmellows while watching "locked up" (some prison reality show)
- packing
- looking at baby clothes (zara has some adorable baby stuff.  i want to start stocking up)

Friday, November 26, 2010

dc: day 3

- peter's "best oatmeal"
- National Museum of Women in the Arts (i'm applying for an internship there this summer)
- lunch at a fabulous italian place in george town
- harry potter (i liked it visually, but i thought it was a little too dark)
- catching up on my blogs
- catching up on tv shows
- playing games: hearts and monopoly, again
- early bedtime to prep for my 5 miler tomorrow

Thursday, November 25, 2010

dc: day 2

- 3 mile run along a gorgeous old railroad track that has been converted to a running trail
- thanksgiving feast prep
- thanksgiving with some of laura and peter's friends
- a trip to arlington cemetery
- monopoly (card game version)
- pie contest (which i did not attend, cause i don't like pie)
- more monopoly
- eating frozen pizza
- eating a billion pepermint joe-joes because they are delicious!
- watching a league of extraordinary gentlemen

ps: i am thankful for family, friends, food, art, the gospel, music, and pepermint joe-joes.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

dc: day 1

day 1:
- jet lag = sleeping in instead of running 5 miles
- manis and pedis with the sister (pregnant people are fun)
- lebanesse for lunch
- a quick stop at the craft store for quilting supplies
- organizing and cleaning the kitchen
- falling in love with little details of laura and peter's house (like their travels map)
- dinner at a fantastic italian place (the owner would come out and sing opera.  i didn't know if i was supposed to laugh or look somber)
- watch st. ralph a pretty funny/ sweet movie
- bed time for bonzo

Monday, November 22, 2010

missed me?

don't worry guys.  i'll be back to the blogging world, soon.  One more class, then, thanksgiving, which means, i go to dc, to spend time with my lovely sister and her husband.  it's going to be a blast.

and then, i'll return to the blogging world, and won't that be a blast?


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i'm a wimp.

today, in the library, i kept making eye contact with the very attractive young man sitting across from me.  he looked like exactly how i want my future husband to look.  i should've dropped my number or something when i walked passed him to leave the library.  but i didn't.  instead i just smiled at him.  (yeah, he watched me walk pass)

now, i plan on going to the library everyday at the same time, and sitting in the same spot so we will see each other again.  and this time, he will stand up, walk over to me and say, "you're pretty.  let's date."  then, i will say yes.  then we'll get married and have babies.

the end.

Monday, November 8, 2010

another week, another weekend

sorry guys.  i feel like i'm only blogging after the weekend... don't know why.  i guess college life is a lot more boring than when i lived at home.

this weekend wasn't too exciting.

friday: i walked around campus looking legit and taking pictures of autumn.  trammel, jen and i went up to sandy for chipotle.  (it was like my second time having it, but dang, it's good stuff).  then trammel's roommates bennett and tanner joined us at our apartment to make sugar cookies.  i showed them this and then this.  their other roommate alec came over with his bud jordan.  then kye joined us.  we just hung out and stuff.  it was a blast.  pictures below.

saturday:  the football game.  i'm not a huge "Y" fan, but i like going and hanging out with friends. oh, and we were on the front row.  right behind the end zone.  say what? afterwards, we stayed and volunteered to help a buddy clean up the stadium.  gross, gross, gross.  people are gross.  i will never leave anything (half eaten or not) behind at a stadium.  yuck.  then, i took a shower, ignored the two miler i was supposed to do, and went on to study german. (yuck) photos below.

sunday: a much needed extra hour of sleep thanks to the end of day lights savings. church.  a desire to bake resulting in a no-bake peanut butter/chocolate/oat bar.  watching chitty chitty bang bang with friends and eating all of said no-bake delight.

monday: (yea, i know it's not the weekend, but whatever)  rain, which made me miss home- rainy ol' london.  grocery shopping thanks to urges to bake all sorts of things (peanut brittle, pepermint bark, cinammon rolls).  i swear it was bring "attractive man shopping day".  i saw at least twenty VERY good looking men today.  dang.  if only i had put on make up.

Monday, November 1, 2010

last week/weekend

last week was a struggle.  i had a billion things coming up: three midterms, a few papers, and a project that i haven't started working on.... needless to say, i was stressed.  i was up late every night, studying like a madman, which isn't good cause i'm getting sick.  but i had a few distractions this week that kept me sane.

wednesday, my old friend darrik and i went to a benefit concert for his friend and band-mate dane.  it was an interesting collection of artists to showcase, but it was fun.  then, we came back to my apartment to watch a 30 Rock episode whole, while drinking tea.

thursday, adam was in town, so some of the gang headed out to gold spoon and ate yummy, yummy ice cream.

friday was my sick day.  i went to bed at 10, with the help of nyquil.

saturday was my birthday! yay!  to celebrate, jen and i ran a 5k accompanied by our good friends ahlin and arielle. we did pretty well for a sick person, and for someone who didn't get home until 1:30 the night before.  our time was 32.08.  so not bad. it was a halloween run, so they were dressed up.  jen and i weren't.  oh well. katherine came down from salt lake and took me to sammy's, a delicious burger place with the best sweet potato fries i've ever had!  i received shopping money from the parents, so katherine, me and the roomies went shopping.  i got the best thanksgiving outfit, ever.  so, don't worry, pictures of it will follow. i also got two extra cardigans, an extra shirt, more of my perfume and some all-natural deodorant. after our shopping extravaganza, we were exhausted, so jen and i watched some hulu together, until we went to seem darrik's other-band [that also includes my katie's brother].  the concert took forever to start, but once it did, it was good.  then, katie and her bf went to dinner while jen and i went halloween party hopping.

yes, i stole this photo from ahlin's blog.  thanks, love.

sunday was busy but great.  our friend is going on a 18 month mission for our church, so she'll be missing thanksgiving and christmas, so her parents threw an early "thanksgiving/ christmas" dinner, on halloween.  the food was great, and so was the company.

sadly though, i still have my three midterms, papers and project coming up.  today i get one midterm out of the way, but i'm still kinda stressed.