Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Turn of the Century

The election of Barack Obama for president is the heading of a new chapter in America's history. His campaign stressed the need for change in our nation, and whether Americans like it or not, there is change in our nation.

I was impressed by his acceptance speech. His desire for unity and hope should be with all of us, no matter our political ideology. Seriously, read or watch the speech and apply each word he said into our society.

I am excited he's president. No lie. I rooted for him, and would have voted for him, if I got my absentee ballot, but I didn't, so I couldn't. Because the popular vote was so close, I could tell by seeing the results that there would be a rift in nation. We need to prevent that.

Let's all just be unified. The votes have been cast, no hating or screaming, or kicking is going to change that. We need to be willing to move on with the future and not get stuck in our past.

The hippie in me is yelling out, "LOVE, PEACE, and UNITY!"

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