Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's a Brand New Year

2009 is now upon us. Exciting, isn't it!

My cousin Abby, who's over here visiting, my sister Sariah, and I went to see Wicked, the musical. I've seen it a couple of times, but these were the best seats that I'd ever had.

Coming home at 10:00ish on a New Year's Eve in London was not so smart. The Tube was crammed with drunks, or soon to be drunks. Beer cans and vodka bottles were spread out everywhere on the chairs, floor, everywhere in the Tube. Not really thinking, I sat down, right into a booze soaked seat. It was disgusting! My pants were completely soaked. Yuck.

Hyde Park, Westminster, and Trafalgar Square had fireworks, but we didn't go. All the standing spots were filled by the time we left Wicked. We tried to watch the Hyde Park fireworks from our roof, but an apartment building completely hid them from us. Dang. Instead, we played catch phrase and kinda stopped to do the count down. My first word of the new year was foul. Very promising start, I know.

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