Monday, January 19, 2009

Jurassic Park Part Deux

Alright, my beliefs about reintroducing the Woolly Mammoth may be naive and idealistic, but I'm 18, so it comes with the package.

PROS for Mammoths:
- great for science
- great for zoos and businesses that will keep them
- great for teaching and field trips in school

CONS for Mammoths:
- what will happen to the ecosystem? A sudden introduction could throw off the whole food chain, even if we control their diet
- Mammoths have had no time to evolve or adapt to our lifestyles. The last time they saw humans was back when cave painting was a huge fad
- One has to wonder if playing God here is just an open door to playing God later.

So, that's my opinion. I've never been too keen on science, anyways.

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