Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Dangerous Past Time... I know

Alright, ever since my trip to Provo, I've been really interested in weddings... I know it sounds REALLY weird. Trust me, I don't plan on getting married for five or so years- I'm not even that interested in dating. Now, for you to understand me, I'll have to give some background information.

It all started long ago... like a year ago. I bought bridal magazines for when I flew to Greece last summer. This purchase was partly due to my girlish fantasies of planning the perfect wedding, but mostly due to my curiosity. I wanted to know if people would ask me about it. It was a social experiment. Humanity fails. NO ONE has EVER asked me about it. Lame. Anyways, that's what got me hooked to bridal magazines.

Then, on my journey to Provo, I got so bored on my six hour lay-over in JFK, that I started to notate the magazines. I would comment on the dresses, or on the cakes, etc. By the time I got home, I was in wedding mode. I thought it would be a good idea to organize all of my ideas into a wedding book. I cut out the dress, cakes, flowers, reception ideas and even honeymoon locales that I liked, and I taped them into a notebook. My plan is that by the time I get married, five or so years, I will be already planned for my wedding, so it will go by relevantly stress-free.

So far, my favorite style of wedding dress, it this ridiculous art deco, 1920s style dress. I adore it. I plan on finding it, for a fraction of the cost of course, and wearing it. (It's divine isn't it?) I've already got a whole wedding planned around it. Think Great Gatsby meets Singing in the Rain.

All I need is the groom....

*DISCLAIMER: Just because I like planning my future wedding, doesn't mean I am planning on getting married, yet.


ahlin said...

oh man that dress is amazing! and so you! ;)

EMILY said...

oh this is great, les!! I love it! I should do that... :)

Anonymous said...

um, we were meant to be friends because i do/have been doing the same thing for years!!

here's one of my favorite wedding blogs: is another fabulous place to checkout.