Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Emerald Isle

Just got back from the most beautiful country in the world: Ireland. Every inch of it was just beautiful! We got really lucky with the weather: sunny, warm. Only a few days were rainy or overcast. which is Ireland's most common weather patterns.

I saw no leprechauns, or rainbows. Great trip anyway.

Here are some pictures. By some, I mean a lot. Sorry.

Ireland '09


Lucy said...

Dingle! I recognize that at least. Such a great place! What were your favorite places? Did you hear any pub music?

Rachel said...

Your photos are lovely - what kind of camera are you using/what camera are you taking to Paris?

And as far as getting excited and watching french movies (and associating myself with pretty much anything else related to france, including american french bread - shameless) I am right there along with you!

Leslie said...

I loved Adare, where we stayed. It was just so lovely. We did listen to some pub music- our last night. It was really good.

Thanks! I love iPhoto. It edits so well. I use a Canon digital camera... not so sure on what model it is. I really want to get a more professional camera for Paris. I've got my eye on the Canon EOS/ Rebel XS/ Kiss F. Maybe for my birthday... Do you use a special camera?

caroline duke said...

oh my oh my oh my that is GORGEOUS. look at all that green! i want to go to there right this second.

thank you for the mouthwatering tips! i don't even know what chocolate chaud is but i am completely on board.

cannot wait! good luck on your trip, too!