Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Little Pick Me Up

Last week, I was feeling down, so I bought these lovelies to give me a little emotional boost. Aren't they just lovely?

The earrings are just so sweet I couldn't resist. I love the hint of blue. Just charming.
The bobby pin is a recycled vintage blouse. Isn't it darling? Now that I'm growing out my hair, it is the perfect accessory. I can't wait to wear it with the earrings.

I got these lovelies and their photos from The Intrinsic Garden. Go there. You'll find the most lovely things, and they aren't that expensive. The earrings were $16 and the bobby-pins came in a set of two for $8. Not bad at all.

Another part of my pick me up buy was 11 CDs from HMV. They were having a huge sale, and I got all the CDs for less than £30. Sweet, huh? I got two Bob Dylan, two White Stripes, one Beck, one Raconteurs, one Red House Painters (pictured above), and two Brendon Benson CDs. I have no need for new music for.... a month at least!

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