Friday, August 21, 2009

Just Some Thoughts

"When we do not retaliate- when we turn the other cheek and resist feelings of anger- we tood stand with the Savior. We show forth His love, which is the only power that can subdue the adversary and answer our accusers without accusing them in return. That is not weakness. That is Christian courage."

"As true disciples, our primary concern must be other's welfare, not personal vindication."

"Sometimes true disciples must show Christian courage by saying nothing at all."

-quotes from Elder Robert D. Hales' article entitled "That is Christian Courage"

"More holiness give me,
More strivings with in,
More patiences in suff'ring,
More sorrow for sin,
More faith in my Savior,
More sence of his care,
More joy in his service,
More purpose in prayer.

"... More purity give me,
More strenght to o'er-come,
More freedom from earth-strains,
More longing for home.
More fit for the kingdom,
More used would I be,
More blessed and holy,
More, Savior, like thee."
- Philip Paul Bliss "More Holiness Give Me"

"Sometimes we carry unhappy feelings about past hurts too long. We spend too much energy dwelling on things that have passed and cannot be changed. We struggle to close the door and let go of the hurt. If, after time, we can forgive whatever may have caused the hurt, we will tap 'into a life-giving source of comfort' through the Atonement, and the 'sweet peace' of forgiveness will be ours ("My Journey to Forgiving," Ensign, Feb. 1997. 43). Some injuries are so hurtful and deep that healing comes only with help from a higher power and hope for perfect justice and restitution in the next life. . . . You can tap into that higher power and receive precious comfort and sweet peace."
- President James E. Faust "Instruments in the hands of God."

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good quotes! I love you!