Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'm finally in Paris, and not just that, but I finally got my internet to work. thank GOODNESS! I was going to die if I couldn't have the internet. Just a quickie on my life so far:

- I'm living outside of the city, in Croissy-Sur-Seine. My host family is VERY nice, but there are some very interesting quirks about them... more to come.

- I love the city, but in all actuality, I think I like London more... we'll see. Tomorrow I'm doing a "Get Lost" walk and will do major people watching. Maybe that will change my opinion of Paris.... more to come.

- I'm sick. Already? I have a really yucky cold, but I can't find sudaphed ANYWHERE! Boo.

- My head hurts from all of this French.

More to come.


ahlin said...

dear leslie. i want your life. switch?

Lucy said...

yay! i bet things will look much better when you're feeling better. (can't wait to hear about the quirks.)