Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rant of the day

brought to you by me.

1: my room is FREEZING! I'm all wrapped up. (I have TWO hoodies on.)

2: i hate that i lost my wallet/ someone stole it

3: i don't know how i feel about the weddings i keep seeing on these blogs i read. at first i loved the styled shot look, but now, i don't know. i'll add links to examples of weddings i like and weddings i don't like.

3a: the main things i look for: being able to see the bride and grooms faces. the bride and groom looking HAPPY (i hate it when they try to be all edgy. no. be happy. it's your wedding.) use of cliches. some couples pull it off. some don't.

3b: weddings i like:
jana and billy: i like how they used cliches, but still looked happy. i love the second to last shot.
stephanie and dave: they look so happy.
lisa and derren: again, they look SO happy.

3c: weddings i don't really like:
callie's bridals: i don't like ANYTHING about this. sorry.
breauna and ted: i love her dress. lovely. don't like the shoot. (or her name)
bpou and ken: too much eye makeup. great sunset. SMILE!

4: i think engagement shoots should have more artistic license, but keep it classy and clean. (aka. enough with the PDA shoots. yuck.)

what do you guys think?


lana.aleyse said...

I think you're wedding crazed. And I love it! Because you have the best things on your blog. But you make me crazed as well. My roommate's wedding had the greatest thing and I was so sad I didnt take a photo of it. BUT they had photos of their ancestors on their wedding days as the center piece at each table. It was so great. Such a good idea and I'm totally going to steal it.

Jen Kerr said...

Lisa and Darren's are my favorite! SO cute! :)

Lucy said...

I definitely don't like the serious or we're-trying-to-be-dramatic/glamorous ones. And that one where she's posing with the grand piano? I can picture her saying to her BFF, "Jus wait til you see my bridal pics! I look rilly rilly classy but a little sexy too!"

But I LOVE the idea of a farmer's-market-themed reception! That seems like the kind of reception where I could actually relax and have fun instead of thinking from the moment I walk in, How soon before I can leave within the bounds of good manners? I agree that the shots where they look like they are absolutely dying of happiness are the best.