Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I don't like Wednesdays. It's the longest day of the week. I woke up in a slightly irritated mood, and then when I was going through my Google reader, I saw this wedding shoot. It made my day worse.

Normally I like Simply Bloom Photography, but this shoot was stiff. There was nothing natural about it. They posed WAY too much. My favorite picture (in a neg. way) is the one where the two are holding lemons to their ears. What? I don't know. If you're doing the ultra trendy shoot, make it look natural, like you do it for fun, EVERYDAY. Make lemon listening look like it's your lifelong habit.


I'll have to come back tonight to say DAY #3... not a good start for today.

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Lucy said...

I agree that those photos are way too posed and stiff. In some of them, the girl even looks like she's doing the facial expression she practiced in the mirror, the one she considered to look the most mysterious and sexy. Unfortunately, it makes her look way too self-conscious and a bit full of herself.

The lemon one made me laugh, though. Especially because she has that obviously-practiced serious look. It's too hilarious.