Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Little Bit of Magic

Yesterday, my mother and I went shopping down by Notting Hill. We were on this super charming street. Everything was so lovely, then at lunch in a darling store/cafe, it started snowing. It snowed huge, fluffy, white flakes of snow. It was so yummy. I immediately started kicking myself for not having Fritz with me. But my mom had her iPhone, so I snapped a couple of photos with that. (so sorry the quality is terrible.)



The highlight of the shopping trip was our stop in TOAST. I once said that my dream job would be to work at the London Anthropologie. I lied. My dream job is to work at TOAST. We walk in, and the are playing the Traveling Wilburies, then a little bit of Simon and Garfunkel, you know, my music. I was touching EVERYTHING, wishing that I could wear mustard and that my wallet would somehow be full of 100 quid notes. Alas, my wishes could not come true, and I had to sit there and watch my mom buy items that I have only dreamed of. Tears. Seriously, tears. However, my mom did get the TOAST cookbook for my stocking. The sales clerk told us that their office party cooked some of the things out of the book, and they were delicious. (How lovely is that? An office party with homemade flapjacks and some cool cocktail with Bailey's and champagne? Yum.)

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