Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the likes and dislikes of leslie ostler

i'm bored, so i am going to share with you, dear readers, my likes and dislikes, or at least some of them:

. '60 protest folk, oh, and modern folk, oh, and bluegrass folk
. the color grey- i know it's more like a shade, but i like it
. the color navy
. wearing only neutral colors
. not shaving my legs for months (sorry, that's a little gross, but you should still know)
. 19th century art
. autumn
. the east coast
. blue cheeses
. indie music, but the true indie, not the mainstream indie (an oxy-moron i know)
. dogs who snore
. dogs who don't snore
. dogs
. wedding blogs
. true love * *
. life changing novels
. the 20s and 30s (Art Deco)
. funny tv shows
. love *
. quotes (emphasis on quotes)
. baking/cooking (honestly, what's the difference)
. rainy days
. remembering dreams
. silence
. wearing cardigans and sweaters
. photography
. cool gold jewelry
. traveling
. train rides
. packing
. good plays

. hate
. war
. ann coulter
. guns
. cutting my fingers
. being overheated (give me the cold any day)
. people who don't realize that we're altogether in this world
. the "acting" skills of kiera knightely and nicolas cage
. rage metal
. admitting i'm wrong- i'll do it, but believe me i won't like it
. being sentimental

that's basically all i can think of.... if you read this, good job.


the NEO-traditionalist said...

This is hysterical. Love it all! I'm with you on all the dislikes although even if she can't act very well Knightly sure is gorgeous to look at : )
XX Kate

lana.aleyse said...

I love wearing only neutral colors!And navy blue is definitely my signature neutral. Tu me manque. Depeche-toi et viens a l'Utah!