Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little Updates

1. mom left today for hawaii. boo. london mourns her lost, no joke. it's crying. fine. raining.
2. i'm getting really far along with my scarf. i've made a couple of mistakes (a lot), but i still like it.


3. london has been snowy. (not anymore) but earlier this week.




Lucy said...

That is going to be a beautiful scarf. Good for you!

In London, does absolutely every last woman wear tall leather boots in the winter? Here in Spain they do, and I noticed that they also do in Paris. It's been months since I've seen a woman wearing something on her feet besides boots. I finally picked some up in Paris so that I can fit in. :-)

Laura said...

i can't believe how much snow london's gotten. and also, what a gorgeous scarf! is it reversible?

Coco said...

You've done really well, and you're only going to get better with more practice. Stick at it and you'll be a knitting pro doing stuff like this:!

Ruthie said...

The puppies look so happy in the snow! Miss you!