Monday, January 4, 2010

this is my favorite killers song. i don't really know why. perhaps it's the emotion behind it. i tried to find the article i read this in, but i couldn't. anyways, the article was saying that brandon flowers wrote this song for his mother who suffers from a brain tumor, and probably will die. after i read that, i could really hear the emotion in flower's voice. the clip below is the david letterman performance, and at about 3:30-3:50 you can really hear the emotion and see actual tears in flower's eyes. you think about how many time he has to preform that and how much he has to fight back tears... at least, i do.

another really good version is the abbey road live:

but the music video is pretty good, too:

well, enjoy the listed versions. i get goosebumps everytime i hear this song. that ability to project emotion proves that these guys are talented guys.

happy monday!


ahlin said...

i LOVE this song. they performed it at the concert i went to and it was amazing.

it's also about his dad and when he became a convert. you can hear it in the lines 'change came in disguise of revelation, set his soul on fire, she says she always knew he'd come around'

so good.

Leslie said...

i know! i love all the personal connections that flower's gives the song. you know that "goodnight, travel well" is about the guitarist's mom who died a year before the album was produced?

ahlin said...

yeah i read about that. ugh, i love them so much!!!!!! if i could, i would seriously drop out of school and follow their tours for the rest of my life. no joke.

ahlin said...

oh and another one of my faves with a family connection is i cant stay. i read a rolling stones article that talked about it. love brandon.