Thursday, February 4, 2010

play day, again.

yesterday i saw not one, but TWO plays.  i don't think the second would count as a play, but i'm counting it.

the first was "cat on a hot tin roof" with james earl jones and phylicia rashad.  i loved the acting, staging, costumes, music, but i HATED the story.  i don't know how many of you know it, but it is just a hateful story.  there is not one redeeming character in the whole play.  the men use and then throw aside their women as soon as it becomes convenient.  i think tennesse williams (the author) tried to save the play with a plea from big mama at the end to "love each other and get along." but the last lines of the play were between the married couple, Maggie and Brick.

Maggie:  You know I love you.

Brick:  Wouldn't that be funny if it were true.

those lines kinda set the flavor of the play.

yuck.  it left me with a really bad taste in my mouth.  i don't know how such a hateful play is so well loved.

the second was cirque du soleil "varkai". man, do i love these performances!  they do the cool circus tricks, but with a dancing twist.  the costumes, music and story line make it more of a ballet than a circus.  i loved it.  plus there was a love story.  how perfect.

go here to look at photos, a trailer and to listen to the music.

so spectacular. 

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