Sunday, March 21, 2010

film weekend

some weekends i just watch films.  sorry.  that's just who i am.

friday night, i went out to dinner and saw "bounty hunter" with a couple of friends.  i did not like this film, not even for a chick-flick (and i have lack standards on that).  the film was altogether unbelievable- the characters, the plot lines, the timeline... everything. boo.  also, jennifer a looked SO old.  it wasn't very appealing.

saturday night i rented two films from iTunes.  the first was "two for the road" with audrey hepburn and arnold finney.  i've never seen this film before, and i'm on a quest to see ALL of audrey's films.  i can't say that i liked it, but i didn't not like it.  i was just "emph" about it.  the ending was a little ambiguious and the timeline was a little confusing.  but the wardrobe was awesome.  go 60s!


and then, i watched "all the days before tomorrow."  i actually really liked this one.  at first, i was really confused, because they leave interpretation up to you as far as the ending goes.  but it was good.  it was kinda slow, but i didn't mind.  and it had these hilarious little "dreams" for the main character to discover little bits about himself.  i couldn't find a clip of the one that i wanted, but i found a compilation of clips, including a couple that i love.

[if you are at all interested in the films i've mentioned, check out the recent films column on the right and click on the title to watch a trailer... cool, huh?]


Coco said...

Have you seen "An Education" Leslie? If not I recommend it, it reminded me of home so much, AND, my english school experience.

Leslie said...

i actually REALLY want to see that, but it wasn't available to rent on iTunes... i'll have to find it online somewhere...

Coco said...

I guess it's already been to theatres and gone. It's in the dollar over here, hopefully you can find it, I think you'll like it even though it is a bit sad.