Monday, March 1, 2010

nigh-night land

that's what my bedroom is.  at least that's what i tell my puppies when i direct them to my room.

this april i leave london for the less exciting provo.  i am way excited though, weird huh?  i just can't wait to play with all my old buds from the states.

anyways, in preparation, i've been looking at bed linens, towels, home decor, etc.  i just want to be prepared.

i like these pillowcases. i'm a sucker for love
i like this quilt and this quilt and this quilt
i like this duvet cover
i like this shower curtain
i like these mugs and these mugs and this mug and this mug and these mugs
i like this print and this print and this print and this print and this print
i like these wire baskets
i like this andy warhol and this warhol and this warhol and this warhol and this warhol
i like these sheets
i like this bath towel and this bath towel
i like this silverware
i like these glasses and these glasses
i like this small bowl and this large plate
i like this dish towel and this dish towel

but i can only afford the mugs and the dish towels... so this is more of a dream list. sad day.


Laura said...

yummy! i think toast should pay you to be their spokesperson.

i could totally make you a duvet cover if you found fabric you liked . . . and I think those pillowcases would be really easy to knock off too. when you come out here we could have fun with arts and crafts.

Katie Marie said...

bring any beautiful things you want! our apartment is gonna ROCK!