Monday, April 26, 2010

an education

i've been wanting to see this film for such a long time.  i adore carey mulligan.  she makes me want to cut my hair again, to the REALLY short length.  i've heard such great things about it- the film.  i mean, rotten tomatoes gave is a 94%, so that's something.

i thought it was so lovely.  the filming, the costumes, the music.  all of it.  my only problem with the film was that the main girl- jenny- blames everyone around her for her mistakes.  she blames her parents for "pushing" her to make the mistakes she made, even though she's the one that made them... but she was only 17, so that's understandable. 

here are a couple of lovely shots from the film.


Lucy said...

I haven't got to see the film yet but I love the soundtrack! That's an interesting observation about the main character not taking responsibility for her mistakes. Did you feel like as a viewer you were encouraged by the movie to agree that other people had responsibility for her mistakes, or not? I mean, did the film "push" that opinion?

Leslie said...

i thought that the film pushed for that opinion. the films based off of the memoir of the main girl... so i feel like she put herself in a positive light.