Friday, April 9, 2010

my week

so this week i was all alone as my family is out in spain.  boo-hoo for me!  but i had a surprisingly fun time.

the weather here in london really cleaned up nicely.  i took the dogs for long walks in the park accompanied by fritz.  (check out my flickr for pics of london in springtime) man, i'm going to miss hyde park... and my puppies.  but i didn't even have to wear a coat out.  it was fantastic!  i love spring.

i watched a few movies: up and adam.  i liked both.  but i don't think up is a kid's show.  i thought the theme with the grumpy ol' man was too emotional and too "grown-up" for young children to understand.  adam was a fantastic movie.  when it first ended, i didn't really know what to think, but i did really like it- after i thought about it.

i bought flowers to cheer me up- as i was home, alone, for a full week.  and as i sat in the room with my daisies, their fragrance made me light headed.  oh, dear.  but they did make me happier.  i also have daffodils up in my bathroom.

i don't really mind spending the day all by myself, but at night, i don't like being alone in a big house.  thank goodness my puppies sleep with me, or i'd freak myself out, WAY too much, especially when my radiator makes scary noises!

as for this next week.  it's my last week.  so, i have a bunch of packing and goodbye saying to do.  i head out for america a week from today.  (crazy!) i'll spend a week with my lovely sisters laura and ruth out in DC.  and then i fly to lovely utah.  (yes, there was sarcasm in that statement.)  and i get to go out to school!  i honestly miss the class room enviornment.  after two years of doing self-education (aka online courses)  i will be so relieved to have someone teach me! 

hope you dear readers have an amazing weekend!  enjoy the sunshine- if you've got it- and look forward to the sun if you don't have it!

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