Thursday, June 17, 2010

just some lovely links

finals are over, giving me a few days of calm before classes restart on monday.  this new semester means a few things:  our boys at apt. 203 leave for the summer (sad), katie leaves for africa (sad) BUT jen comes back from spain (yay) and i take up tennis (yay).  i thought i'd just share a few links with you guys.  enjoy:
this shop
these illustrations; these illustrations
these photos; these photos; this photo; these photos; these photos; these photos; these photos;
this editorial
these love letters; these love letters
this quote; this quote; this quote
this documentary on mural painting
this engagement shoot; this wedding; this engagement shoot; this bridal shot
this girl's style
this car
this swing
these glasses
this website
this outfit
these bags- any of them.  in fact this whole store
this music video; this music video; this music video (but mostly the song)

have a lovely weekend.

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Urban Weeds said...

Thanks for the links!