Saturday, September 18, 2010

come on fall!

what i WANT to be wearing.  image from toast.
ok, so we're a few weeks into september now.  but what's the weather like?  oh, i'll tell you.  it's 88 degrees today.  yes.  and tomorrow it's going to be up to 90.  yeah.  come on fall. how am i supposed to wear my adorable sweaters- both cardigans and dresses- without you!?



Hannah Emily said...

I agree!! I'm so ready for fall.I just want to wear my boots and pea coats.. is that too much to ask for?

Lucy said...

Supposedly we're finally in the 70s here but it felt hotter today. I know how you feel. I always long for brisk fall weather, too.

Clou-belle said...

i went out for a walk yesterday and was clad in my winter coat and scarf for the 2nd time this month!
guess you have to love scotland sometimes!