Thursday, March 10, 2011

growing up

i had my first real interview today.  i had a job in high school, but for that interview, it went something like this:

Jim: Are you a good worker?
Me: yes.
Jim: Jen, can you vouch for her?
Jen: yes.
Jim: Good, you get the job.

easy, yes.

well, my interview today was a little more intense.  there were five interviewers and just little ol' me.  they asked me questions like: what do you hope to get out of this experience?  and what will you bring to the internship? [my least favorite question after "what do you do for fun?")

i'll hear back by mid-week next week.

cross your fingers!


ahlin said...

ohhh i feel for you my friend. good luck!!

Ruthie said...

What job did you interview for? I am sure they were impressed by you. I am impressed by you! Love you Les! Keep me updated!

Jen Kerr said...

haha martinizing was the best.