Monday, June 30, 2008


The one regret I have about waiting to get a blog until now, is that I didn't blog about my hair cut that I got in March. I was letting my hair grow really long, and after a while it was just so boring. Long hair is so ordinary. Everyone has it. I wanted a change. A dramatic change. I called a hair stylist and set up an appointment. I told everyone what I was doing and they all told me that I was crazy. Even my hairstylist was unsure - that made me a little unsure, but I did it anyway. I knew it was just hair and would grow back.
I also went to my all natural color. I wasn't a fake blond, but I get highlights every six months to keep a more light blond feel. I told my stylist that I wanted to go to the color of my eyebrows. She did and added in a little red just for an extra umph. That faded really fast, but I'm still happy with my brunette color.
My next encounter with people it was just compliments. The other stylists who saw me before and after loved the change, and so did I. Friends told me I resembled Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, and a random '60s actress. That feedback was so encouraging. I might just have short hair for the rest of my life.
The only moment I regretted my hair cut was at senior prom when I had to figure out how to dress up my hair. That was hard, but oh well, it was just one day.


Konga said...

I lurve your hair! and I lurve you!

Calandria said...

That is so true that you resemble all of those actresses with the new hair! It's so hip. It made me want to cut my hair that short again, but the problem I always had was finding a stylist who could cut it the right way consistently. That and the double cowlicks on the crown of my head.

Anyway, super cute on you. Didn't you wear a little headband to church a couple weeks ago? That's cute too.