Friday, July 18, 2008

Leslie, the girl

Besides being in Utah and being with family, not much is happening, so I copied this from my sister Ruth's blog. Here we go.

Attached or single? Single.
Best friend? Nora Kerr. That's not her real name, and she hates it when I call her that.
Cake or pie? Cake. I rarely eat pie.
Day of choice? Friday. It's fun to look forward to, and making plans on that day makes it so wonderful.
Essential item? Blistex Total Moisture Chap Stick, or my iPod. Yes, I can't live without lip moisture or music.
Favorite color? Changes from day to day, but today it's blue.
Gummy bears or gummy worms? Gummy bears, I can eat a million.
Hometown? Lyme, New Hampshire. It's a picturesque town, in a picturesque state.
Indulgences? Watching DVDs in bed on my personal DVD player.... I get to watch TV shows on DVD like 24 or Gilmore Girls and enjoy old favorites like Two Weeks Notice, Breakfast at Tiffanys and Princess Bride... It just helps me feel so cozy and calm..sigh
January or July? Neither. I hate winter and summer. Give me fall or spring.
Kids? Not for a while. I'm barely in college.
Life is incomplete without? Sunshine, love, music, family, friends, and art. It's a long list, but true.
Marriage date? Fall or spring.
Number of siblings? 2 brothers 5 sisters and 2 brother-in-laws.
Oranges or apples? Both are so good. Apples are yummy, but orange juice (especially Simply Orange) is just so yummy.
Phobias? Heights, creaking doors, and unfinished parts of basements.
Quote? "Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Ghandi
Reason to smile? I'm moving to London.
Something new? I got a haircut a few months ago. See Changes.
Unknown fact about me? Although I took six levels of French, I still can't speak it very well. Bummer.
Vegetarian or animal oppressor? I believe in good treatment of animals, but I love meat. I try to eat the organic form of meat (no hormones, fed in open spaces, and not mistreated)
Worst habit? I pick off my nail polish.
Your favorite food? Fruit, bread, cheese, and sweets!
Zoo animal? Giraffe.

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