Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where Did the World Go Wrong?

Alright, so the Twilight series is kinda popular right now, have you noticed? Every girl from whatever age loves these books, read, or wanted to read them. Their popularity causes me to wonder if their popularity is legitimate. My verdict: there is no reason for it to be as good as it is.
Bella is way too emotional, needy, weak, and annoying to be a good heroine or role-model. No girl should strive to be her.
Edward is the epitome of stalker. He reads others minds to find out where she is (because he can't read hers). He sneaks into her room at night and watches her ALL night. Girls tell me he's perfect, but if I knew him, I would not like him at all. In fact, I'd probably think he was a creeper.
Their relationship developed way too fast and unbelievably. One second she's in love with him, but thinks he hates her, and the next they're smooching after every sentence. Most of the time, they're hugging, she's laying on his chest, or something grossly physical like that. She's complaining how she can't live without him and wants to be with him forever because nothing else matters, and he's being all protective in a rude, annoying way. He gives girls unrealistic hopes of boys. Think of how many boyfriends got dumped because their girlfriends got mad that they didn't sneak into their window or say they were their brand of heroine. (Oh, that lines makes me gag!)
Jacob is just a jerk.
Alice is a no-it-all, and I'd hate her if I knew her.
The writing of the story is horrible. The plot is weak, no wonder why she had to add in so much smooching: it serves as a space filler. I have no idea how it's so addicting or popular. The storytelling is fine, I guess, but I didn't think it was the best thing I've ever read.
I'm selling my Twilight series, and I concluded it was the worst 70 bucks I ever spent.


Allison said...

Yours is the first negative review I have heard. (read)
The funny thing about it is that every time someone tries to tell me that I should read these books, their positive review makes them sound so bad that I just want to read them less and less. Thanks for validating my reason for not getting in to these books. :)

John said...

Two things.
1: Creeper is not a word.
2: I think you mean know-it-all when you describe Alice.

Calandria said...

Amen. It annoys me that Bella shares her name with a person I know and love. I SO hope my Bella doesn't turn out remotely like that Bella.