Thursday, August 14, 2008

Au Revior United States

Tomorrow I leave for London for two years, hopefully! As I start this new chapter in my life, I pause to review my life in the United States. After complaining about some of the things I dislike about the states, a guy friend reprimanded me. He asked me if I liked anything about the states.
So, yes, I do.

1. I love the freedom. I may be a strong believing communist, but I'm still happy with the freedoms this republic has.
2. The history of this country amazes me. So many people gave their lives for their believes, and their commitment awes and inspires our country today.
3. Our openness to ideas surpasses that of any nation. We are such a progressive country.
4. The vastness of land is so impressive! There are acres and acres and acres of land that has not been developed, and does not need to be developed. The diversity of city and country and desert is the greatest in the world, and I will miss that a lot.

There are four things I love. Of course, there are more, but I will not be able to fully appreciate them until I've lost them.

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Sammi said...

Freaking awesome!
I want to go to England so bad. That'd be my dream place if I could pick anywhere. Either that or Spain. But either work. :] Hope all is going well. Love you!