Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tons of Jetlag

It's officially been one week living in London! It's such a wonderful experience living here. I've learned a lot and have been missing a lot of things. Visit Katherine's blog to get a pretty good look at things I've learned.

I miss a couple of things: trash cans, hangers, tissues, driving/owning cars, curtains for your bathroom windows, and normal cereal.

I think I'm over romanticizing London. Everything here I call perfect. The switches to turn on electrical outlets are perfect. The mail system is perfect. The parks are perfect. The currency is perfect, but a little much for the dollar to handle. The accent is perfect. Of course not everything here is perfect, but I'm so happy to be here, that's hard for me to grasp.

Walking everywhere is so great! I burn off all the calories that I could have ever eaten that day. No wonder Europeans are so skinny! However, having to walk about with eight pillows, down comforters, glasses, and sheets can get difficult without a car. Buying a vacuum will be interesting. Everyone here accepts that it's normal though.

It's so wonderful living in London!

Complete days with sunshine: 3
Partial sunny days: 2
Rainy days/gray days: 2


Ruthie said...

So happy to hear how you are doing! I miss you more than you know. I hope you have a great week and who knows maybe we'll talk on the phone one of these days. I love you!

tiffany and darren said...

It all sounds so wonderful!! When can I come?

Calandria said...

Ok, if you still think it's perfect after living there six months, I'm going crazy with jealousy. :-)