Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oxford Scholared

Yes, scholared is a word.
Scholared: adj. A person who has walked the roads and paths of scholars.
Today, my mom, our church friend Lucy, our new friend Sarah, Katherine and I took the bus ( a big double decker for which we sat on the top) up to Oxford. Today and yesterday were the dates for the St. Giles festival in Oxford. It's been around for hundreds of years, since the 16oos. The fair itself was nondescript. Just a big carnival. We walked around Oxford though and that was amazing.
We went to Christ's Church where Harry Potter is filmed. We went to the library. We went to the theater designed by Wren. It was an amazing time. Everything was just so picturesque. On the drive up I decided to move to the English country side. I'd be a farmers wife for that life-style. It was so much like New England. No wonder I was instantly in love.

Despite the constant rain, and burning my tongue on really hot chocolate, it was perfect.

For anyone wondering: St. Giles is the patron saint of the disable, the helpless, and the destitute (that includes the homeless).


Laura said...

oh, yum to the max! i am dying to see oxford.

i wish your pictures were in color, though.

Calandria said...

sigh. Oxford. Have you read A Severe Mercy?