Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back to My Roots

Scotland is not necessarily my roots. However, I do have some family that comes through there, so that's close enough. Scotland is, however, the root of my first name.

My sisters Katherine, Ruth, Laura, Laura's husband Peter, my mom, and I took the 8:00 train from London to Edinburgh on Monday. As soon as we arrived in Edinburgh, we checked into our 5-star hotel. (It was an amazing Hotel with a great location and great, large rooms.) Four people slept in one room, and the couple slept in the other room. Katherine, my mom, and I slept in the bed- me in the middle. Ruth got a bed brought up. It wasn't even cramped with all of us in there.

24 Nov:
-Arrive in Edinburgh
-Lunch: I tried Haggis- wasn't as bad as I thought it would be
-Tour Edinburgh Castle
-Wander in and out of shops and down streets
-Dinner at Pizza Hut (not my first choice)
-Cinema to see Easy Virtue, but they weren't showing it, so we watched Quantum of Solace- my second time, but it made so much more sense!

25 Nov:
-Breakfast at McDonald's (I ate a breakfast sandwich from a nearby grocery store)
-Wait for Bus 15 outside, in the cold for over 40 minutes
-Bus from Edinburgh to Roslyn Chapel
-Tour Roslyn Chapel- where DaVinci Code ends, beautiful church, but improbable that all of DaVinci Code's claims are close to being accurate.
- Tour St. Gile's Cathedral
-Lunch at the Witchery- site where they burned witches
-Tour Scotland National Gallery
-Hotel- games
-Haunted Vault tour: I did not know that there was an undercity to Edinburgh, but it was. The tour had great information, but it was lame on terms of scary

26 Nov:
-Breakfast at a great cafe on the Royal Mile
-Walk down Royal Mile to Hollyrood House
-Tour Queen's Gallery
-Tour Hollyrood Palace: official Queen's residence in Scotland; apartments of Mary Queen of Scots
-Shopping along Royal Mile
-Tour Edinburgh Museum, and John Knox's house
-Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe
-Train from Edinburgh to London: trip over

I loved Scotland! It is an amazing place, and one day I will live there.

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