Monday, March 30, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action! Part Deux

Another sleepless night*, another film watched.

The first film I watched was Drop Dead Gorgeous. This hilarious 1999 mockumentary is set in Minnesota and boasts actresses like Amy Adams, Kristie Allen, Brittany Murphy and Kristen Dunst. The mother from Juno was in it as well. I think she's either Minnesotan, or is really good a portraying one. The characters, the scenes, the dialog, was hilarious, on purpose or not. I was laughing too hard to take the film seriously. I loved it!

The other film I recently watched was in the theaters and that was The Young Victoria. I really enjoyed this film. The sets, the costumes, the acting, the dancing, the cinematography, all of it was superb! Emily Blunt is one of the most talented actresses I've seen. She was so spunky and so intriguing that I fell in love with her. I know the story is romanticised, but I didn't mind one bit!

*Jet-lag induced insomnia as a result of my trip to Provo last week


Calandria said...

Ok, so that's where you went!

I think Emily Blunt is superb. I can't wait to see that.

lana.aleyse said...

Love 'em! Also I miss London. Though good news, no jet lag at all. Isn't that mental? Tell your puppies I miss them. They are my favorite small dogs to date. :)

Ruthie said...

So exciyed for The Young Victoria to come out here in the US! I am glad it's good... Emily Blunt is the best! I miss you and love you!