Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

I just saw two movies. One was incredibly powerful, and the other was incredibly humorous. Both had magnificent soundtracks.

The Express is the true story of running back Ernie Davis, who is black during the 1940s and 1950s. He faces racial discrimination on every turn, but still holds strong. It is filled with powerful quotes and an amazing performance by Dennis Quiad. I was instantly hooked. Really.

If you liked Remember the Titans, you will like The Express.

I've been meaning to see O, Brother Where Art Thou? for years, ever since I heard the soundtrack. Although, it's not necessarily powerful, the dialog, acting, and situations are incredibly well done. I am in a really big blue grass/ folk music phase right now, so the film did not disappoint.

It's roughly based on Homer's Odyssey, and by "roughly" I mean it's the story of a guy named Ulysses and he's an adventurer. There's a trek home with sirens, a cyclops, and a pig. There's a fight for a woman, and a happy ending.

You may be asking yourself: Why is she up at three in the morning blogging about movies? The answer is simple: I hate jet-lag.


lana.aleyse said...

Haha! I bet my little bluegrass performance helped eh? I love that movie. Tres magnifique! Wah! I miss you!

Calandria said...

Where did you go that you have jet lag?

We used to listen to that O Brothers soundtrack so much, all of my kids knew ever word of every song. (Or at least, what they thought were the words...)

Leslie said...

Lana: It actually did put me in the mood!

Calandria: I came back from a trip to Provo.