Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm So Excited!

And I just CAN'T hide it!!

This week is going to be Christmas is July! On Thursday my BEST-EST FRIEND in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is coming to visit me! (Can you tell I'm excited by how I use CAPS?) I haven't seen her for ages (since March- and that's a LONG time!), so I am more than thrilled she's coming for a little more than a week! AHHHH!

We spent most of High School as best buds. We even worked together! I love her so much, even if she loves Twilight, and High School Musical! Nora-Bear, if you're reading this: I'M SO SO SO EXCITED!

Then, it gets even better... on Sunday, another one of my best buds comes out to visit! Ahh! It's going to be SO much fun!!! Just like the ol' days. Katie, je suis tres, tres, tres enthusiaste (pas excite!)

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