Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon

Just saw New Moon yesterday. Here's what i thought:

- acting: better, but i still don't like stewart's voice.
- special effects: sweet. much better.
- music: good.
- story: much clearer and easier to follow
- characters: i don't like being manipulated into being attracted to someone younger than my brother. i'm no cougar. so, i thought jake was a little disgusting. ed needs to tone up, and pull his pants up. bella needs to suck it up, be a man, and not just stand there and take it. fight girl. you have no issue slapping a half-naked indian with biceps the size of your torso, but when a guy tells you he all the sudden doesn't love you anymore, what? you freeze up? please.
- humor: i actually laughed when i was supposed to, for the most part. i couldn't hold it in during alice's vision though. anyone else have flashbacks to sound of music?

i saw this for free, and i only went because i wanted to spend some time with my friends. although, i thought it was good, i don't really have any interest in seeing it again. i just can't STAND bella!

anyways. well done summit movies.

ps i decided chris pine is who i envisioned as edward while reading the books. anyone else? he's super fine. ahh... don't get me started on Star Trek! AHHH!

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Jen Kerr said...

ok, i am super excited! if you even sort of liked it, then it must be great! haha and i actually agree with the Chris Pine thing. I love him. and you of course.