Monday, February 8, 2010

Thirty Years.

Today, my parents celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.

here they are the summer of 1979, the year before getting married:
David, Rachelle Balboa

here they are in good ol' 1983: (my favorite picture of them)

here they are now:
the other love birds

in 30 years they raised 8 children.  7 of the 8 have graduated high school.  3 of the 8 have graduated college.  3 of the 8 are currently in college.  1 of the 8 is studying to get her masters.  2 of the 8 are married.  1 of the 8 has children.  3 of the 8 live in Utah.  3 of the 8 live on the East Coast.  2 of the 8 live in London.  they have raised a hamster, a cat, about a dozen fish and two puppies.

in 30 years they have lived in 4 different states.  they have lived in two different countries.  

you might think that this is somehow impressive, but what you don't realize is that my parents are the most amazing people i know.  only truly amazing people would be able to raise 8 children and have them turn out half decent.

so, happy anniversary parents!  i'm glad you did it.


Laura said...

they are amazing. and i love that second picture of them. but more states than 4 -- mass and michigan too.

Jen Kerr said...

this is adorable! i love your parents! congrats to them!!

Ruthie said...

Love this! We sure have wonderful parents. I am so grateful for them. Thank you so much for posting the great pictures and getting some fun nostalgic ones put up online. I love seeing our old houses! Merci ma soeur!

Kim said...

If Leslie was not alive do those states count?

Happy Anniversary Dave and Rachelle!

Lucy said...

I love your parents too and I'm so happy they're coming to visit soon. (Though I wish you were coming, too! Just bring the dogs. They can have their visit with Frodo.)