Monday, October 4, 2010

bits of my weekend

this past weekend was jammed packed with family, general conference and fun!

friday: katherine and i road-tripped it down to st. george to watch my daddy and my uncles run the st. george marathon.  we ate about forty dum-dums, took only one bathroom break, and didn't get a single ticket!  yay!

saturday: woke up from sleeping on a tiny couch- yes, my back is killing me. then, we went over to the finish line to see the band of brothers cross the line.  then, we "rushed" back home [rushing with people who just ran 26.2 miles as well as your grandparents is kinda hard] and we watched the last speaker of the morning session.  during the two hour break, katherine and i dyed my hair.  we then played and talked with family.  we watched the afternoon session.  and then, my grammy took katherine and i shopping with my aunt shelia.  then, all 21 of our group went to dinner.

the new hair color.  what do you guys think?
sunday: woke up again, after being curled up all night on a couch, watched the morning session of conference and took off for home.  it started raining our drive home which meant the remaining heat of summer is going away. yay! finally!  when i got back to provo, i bid my father farewell-- i won't being seeing him again until christmas.  it was jen's b-day, so katie and i watched her open her presents, then we ate cupcakes, decorated our apt for halloween, and then partied it up with some friends.  we played "battle of the sexes"- yeah, the girls won.  [say what!] yeah, i know what the "green monster is." be proud.

so, it was a fantastic weekend... but i could really use a good back massage.


Ruthie said...

Love the hair! Seriously lady you are rocking it! Love you! Miss you!

Hannah Emily said...

your hair looks so healthy & rich, I love it!! and it seems a lot longer than it did the last time I saw it... very very pretty :)

Leslie said...

thanks guys! hannah, it is getting longer. i'm not going to cut it until your sister gets back from london.... then it will be incredibly long!

Mrs. Richards said...

You know, I miss getting to see you! I will be happy when SM comes home and by default you are back in my life :) I love reading your posts. You. Are. Fabulous.