Sunday, November 28, 2010

blogging from 10,000 ft

here i am, flying over the US, blogging, looking at Zara's online collection, and trying to watch millionaire matchmaker- all thanks to google's internet partnership with delta.

here a a few pieces from zara's that i love, but don't think i can pull off:

here are a few item that i am loving from their kid's collection:


Ruthie said...

I am drooling! Such amazing clothes! You are sure a fashionista. Dad was saying how much he admired your creativity while we were in London. I admire it too!

ahlin said...

your children are going to be so good-looking. i probably won't let them hang out with my kids. to keep my kids from looking homely compared to yours.

Leslie said...

dude, i don't think i'll be able to hang out with my own kids! they'll be better dressed than me! x