Saturday, November 27, 2010

dc: day 4

final day:
- 6. something run (i misjudged the distance, and ended up running a little more than a mile over what i was supposed to)
- 4-D ultra sound with laura and peter (i love babies!)
- grocery shopping at trader joes and whole foods (aka stocking up on joe-joes)
- making marshmellows and hot chocolate on sticks
- watching millionaire matchmaker (yes!)
- dinner at open kitchen (yummy lamb burger!)
- monopoly (again, i might've become addicted)
- drinking our hot chocolate with marshmellows while watching "locked up" (some prison reality show)
- packing
- looking at baby clothes (zara has some adorable baby stuff.  i want to start stocking up)

1 comment:

andalucy said...

We love Zara. I didn't know they had it in the US.

Do you have a recipe for the hot chocolate and marshmallows on a stick?? I think my kids would love that.